Brand Planner and Digital Strategist

I’m Parker Mason, a strategist with over a decade of success helping brands communicate with the world.


What do you do?

I help brands understand who they are in the context of where they’ve come from, where they want to go, and the audience they need to reach to get there. I believe in grounding all of my work in research, with a solid understanding of the category and the world around it.

I also believe heavily in collaboration. A plan only works if the teams executing it have the conviction and the capability to take it on.

More specifically, here’s what I can do for you:

Brand Planning: I help bring brands to life in ways that connect with audiences. Whether you need to run a brand workshop, or write a brand roadmap, or conduct stakeholder interviews, I can help you (or your clients).

Campaigns: I’ll work with you to distill your business problem down to something we can solve together, and develop an actionable strategy, brief, or tactic.

New Business: Bring in a ringer. Your team is super busy, and a new business pitch is the last thing they need on their plates. I’ve led and supported major winning (and losing) pitches in North America and around the world. I can build the deck, develop the strategy and even run the show.

Digital Strategy: Channel planning, content strategy and and social media are a few of the areas I can help you in. I have a depth of experience building out all of these for clients, plus I can develop measurement frameworks that make sense.


What have you done before?

I’ve managed and launched global platforms and campaigns. I’ve brought dozens of brands to life from scratch. I’ve led teams to success, and I’ve worked independently to deliver insights and results.

As the Global Program Lead for DDB Worldwide, I managed the Award-winning “Our Food, Your Questions” for McDonald’s Canada and oversaw its rollout to 20+ other countries. That led to my role as Lead Digital Strategist and Head of Social at DDB New Zealand, and then Senior Business Director leading DDB’s digital work for Volkswagen Australia.

I’m back in Canada working as a consultant for advertising agencies across Canada to support them with brand and digital strategies, as well as offering my services directly to start-up companies.

Okay, but are you good to work with?

“Parker is my dream collaborator. Like a bionic arm, he increases your power with his incisive mind, supernatural organisational skills and unwavering confidence.”

-Haydn Kerr Digital Creative Director, DDB New Zealand

Parker is the type of guy you want by your side when you are walking into a client meeting. He's quick, he knows his stuff, his passion for work is palpable, and he can guide and lead productive conversations. On top of that he is an idea/solutions machine. Really enjoyed our opportunities to collaborate.”

-Cairo Marsh, Managing Partner, relativ* Japan

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Parker on some of Canada's largest brands helping them to navigate the emerging world of digital. … Parker brings a diligence to every problem and will make you think differently about what can be done and how to do it.”

-Miles Savage, Agency Lead, Google Canada

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So what’s next?

Let’s meet. Coffee is always great. You can contact me here.