Project: Our Food. Your Questions Global Rollout

Client: McDonald's

Role: Global Program Lead

New Business Development, Production, Strategy, Training, and Research were just a few of the many hats that I wore while working with a team of developers and DDB offices around the world to roll out the award-winning “Our Food. Your Questions” campaign for McDonald’s globally. During this time, I oversaw the campaign launch in the Australia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, while providing strategic support and recommendations to a number of other countries. 


Project: #ImLovinIt24 Global Project

Client: McDonald's

Role: Digital Strategist / Local Lead 

#ImLovinIt24 was a global initiative by McDonald's that involved 24 different markets around the world each doing something surprising to bring joy to local customers, all on March 24th. 

In New Zealand, I led a team that surprised customers with customised Big Mac boxes that played unique sounds when opened. To amplify this activation, we shot and edited a video in less than 24 hours and worked closely with the other markets around the world to drive global visibility of our content elsewhere and global content within New Zealand. 


Project: Our Food. Your Questions (Canada) 

Client: McDonald's Canada 

Role: Social Media Planner Team Lead

"Our Food. Your Questions" was a transformative campaign for McDonald's, and one that was also rolled out in over 20 major markets around the world and which has influenced transparency approaches for other brands. I provided support via insights from social listening and campaign analysis, content recommendations and process optimisation. 

During the 3 major times this campaign was in market, I also lead a team of people across three different cities and in two languages to answer tens of thousands of questions in near real-time, using a process I helped develop and fine-tune to ensure accurate, quality and timely responses. 


Project: Steinlager Live Dive 

Client: Steinlager 

Role: Digital Planner 

In December 2014, Steinlager Pure (beer) showed the world that New Zealanders were "Born To Defy" by sponsoring the the live-attempt of William Trubridge, a world-champion freediver, in his attempt to break his own record of diving to more than 102m.  The dive was broadcast on television in New Zealand, but also streamed online. Sonar was connected to Twitter, so that Kiwis could be updated in real-time about the status of Trubridge's dive. On the Steinlager website, users could learn more about his challenge and also record their own messages of support that Trubridge listened to while training. This project won a number of awards at the AXIS 2015 New Zealand Advertising Awards, including the Grand Prix for Integrated Campaigns.  


Project: One Hero

Client: Canadian Blood Services 

Role: Social Media Planner 

Canadian Blood Services is responsible for more than just blood donation in Canada: They also oversee stem cell donations, and right now there are almost 1,000 people who need a stem cell donation in order to survive. Their best chance of getting one comes from a male donor between the ages of of 18-35. As an added difficulty, these donors are required to pass a test indicating they understand the donation procedure before registering to donate. Enter One Hero: An online, interactive comic book that let the user make decisions while educating them about the need to donate and about the procedure. 

The site got over 58,000 visits and increased online registrations by 30%, winning it a Bronze at the Canadian Advertising Effectiveness Awards. It can viewed at 


Project: J-Dar

Client: Toronto Jewish Film Festival 

Role: Social Media Planner 

TheToronto Jewish Film Festival knew that the most of the city thought the films they showed were too jewish, and might not be relevant to them. One of the solutions I worked on with DDB Canada was to create a site determined how "Jewish" movies were based on analysing a database of the people who worked on the films. The site let users search for their favourite movie, then directed them to view similar ones playing at the TJFF.