Let's Do Some Good. 

Hi. My name is Parker Mason, and if you're reading this you're (hopefully) working for a company that wants to do some good in the world. That means sustainable energy, social innovation and clean technology (though not limited solely to those categories). 

And that means that I want to work with you. 

I'm an experienced advertising/marketing strategist (Portfolio, LinkedIn), and I can help you better communicate with potential customers (both consumers and businesses), investors and the world. 

Brand and Digital Strategy 

I can help you bring your business to life, particularly in the online space (both digital and social). This includes helping you create a unique voice for your brand, and how this looks in digital and social channels, and what it can achieve. 

Campaign Development / Execution

Is your product or business ready to go to market? Let me help you develop and execute a digital or social media campaign. This includes working with you to develop the goals, developing any campaign/marketing materials, running the campaign and working to optimize it. 

Investor Communications / Relations  

You've a great idea, but need help bringing it to life in a way that will inspire individuals and businesses to invest in your business. I can help you develop compelling materials to better communicate with potential and current investors. 

Let's meet up and have a coffee to see how I can help you. Fill out the form below, or get in touch with my more directly via email at Parker@ParkerMason.net or (604) 999 5376. 

Also tell me your phone number (in case you're old fashioned and want me to call you).
Also tell me your phone number (in case you're old fashioned and want me to call you).